Thursday, February 28, 2008

XSL Rocks!!

I was reading a little about XSL (extensible style sheet language) on and I found that it is absolutely awesome! I completely got the whole thing and I realized that XSL will be one of my favorites soon; apparently XSL is XML-Based style sheet language! XSLT however –which stands for XSL Transformation- is the most important part of XSL and is used to transform an XML document into another XML document that is recognized by a browser by transforming each XML element into an (X)HTML element and it uses X-Path is to navigate through elements and attributes of the XML document.
Pretty cool huh! If you still don’t know much about XSL you should definitely start looking it up.


Rivendell** said...

wow it's like i'm reading something written in

thanks for the tip ;)

Osama said...

nice post, write more tips and tricks about XSL and XHTML (A)

nice work Sarah (Y)

Sarah Arram said...

Thanks ya Osama.. am glad you liked it.. I will work on the tips and tricks..and Soha: shofty ya binty el zaman 3amal fe o7'tek eih :D