Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starting Over..

I am bored to tears, yes I am. I have been working for more than a year now and am wondering where did all the fun go? Its not as fun as it used to be, I have weird cravings for C and C++, I want to write something special, an awesome piece of a code, something that sweeps my brains away, and until am able to feed that urge,, until I do that I have decided to look back at the good times, remember all the theories, all the SCIENCE and stuff I used to love.

The majority of developers working today are working on fairly straight forward systems doing fairly simplistic things like tying up a gui to a database. For the most parts that means you don’t need to be a good software developer, broadly speaking it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an in-depth understanding of your programming language or lack a formal comp sci education.

However there is another world, a much more fun world in my opinion although others may disagree. A world in which you need to have expertise in your language, where you really need to understand what exactly your code is doing and often how it’s achieving it. A world in which you need to be a good software developer to survive and get the job done.

You may find this series pretty useful for any technical interview but I am writing it for the sake of pure enjoyment and for the sake of my poor soul before I become a total “tool expert” and not a programmer anymore:(.

I will start with bits n pieces of the old days’ memories...


Anonymous said...

you are right I get boared actually from the stuff of developing a gui in a system it is not trvial but I don't like it it is just not the thing I have been studying for 5 years to do. But in fact this happens due to problems in the egyptian market. In fact I decided to change career after working a bit in the egyptian market so best regards with your future. Oh BTW I am a link affliate.

Sarah Arram said...

I think so too, I changed working place and I am feeling much better, still its no more than the usualls but still less boring.. what about you? what do you mean by changing career? I mean what have you decided to do?